Heavy rain & thunderstorm cause chaos in Jeddah – Video

Manama: experienced heavy rain that caused chaos in parts of the Red sea city of Jeddah, disrupting roads with high floods, turning roads to small rivers.
A video clip that went viral on social media showed streets and tunnels flooded with water leading cars to drown causing chaotic congestion of traffic and people struggling to move on with their routines.A man was seen standing on his car as it was drowned and surrounded by water that’s at least 2 feet deep, trying to figure out what’s his next move to reach safety.The Authorities of Crisis and Disasters in Makkah Region shut downed numerous roads in Jeddah on Tuesday due to heavy thunder and rainstorms which associated with rapid winds that limited vision.The Authorities listed the names of roads, tunnels and roundabouts to be closed to avoid further traffic until the level of the flood depreciates.It also alerted civilians to strictly avoid going down lowlands(valleys) or approaching floodwaters and small water lakes as a safety measure.
The National Centre for Security Operations at the Ministry of the Interior said that 10,902 calls were received by “911” operation in Makkah from the start of the rain until noon on Tuesday. Most calls were to enquire about the flooded roads and streets that’s congested with traffic.Classes Suspended Schools and Universities on the Makkah Region were suspended on Tuesday due to harsh weather conditions and to secure the safety of students
In the meantime, King Abdulaziz International airport in Jeddah has reported on Tuesday that delays maybe expected in both inbound and outbound flights due to foul weather. Passengers were informed to contact airline support for further information.

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